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She's sicker than hell

but always feeling fine

Dicky Moe
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abandoned buildings, anatomy, art, asylums, bad omens, bleeding, blizzard, blood, blood fetish, blood spatter, bloodplay, bones, books, bruises, cabaret, cabaret macabre, captain ahab, carnival music, carnivals, cherry blossoms, circus music, cirque du soleil, classic horror movies, clowns, combat boots, concerts, criminal psychology, cultural anthropology, culture, dancing, danny elfman, demonology, dicky moe, disturbing imagery, dolls, dracula, drawing, edgar allan poe, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, faygo, forensic anthropology, freakshows, gatherings, ghost stories, goggles, gore, grotesque burlesgue, guns, gypsies, gypsy, gypsy music, gypsy punk, gyspy, halloween, harley quinn, hash, haunted houses, head shops, hockey, hookahs, horde, horror comics, horror movies, icp, insane clown posse, knives, las vegas, little apple red dolls, living dead dolls, louisiana, mad scientists, max's kansas city, moby dick, monsters, morbid art, motorcycles, movies, murder, music, neil gaiman, new orleans, new york city, oscar wilde, osteology, painting, phobias, photography, pistols, psychological horror, psychopathic records, psychopathology, reading, sadism, salvador dali, serial killers, shaggy 2 dope, shooting, shotguns, silent hill, skeleton keys, skeletons, skulls, sleeping, steampunk, séances, tattoos, the joker, the sandman, the unexplained, tim burton, tool, uniforms, urban legends, vampires, video games, vincent price, vintage, violent j, violins, vlad tepes, whales, world of warcraft, wounds, zombies